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MeWa’s solution for sprung mattresses

Germany – In the production of sprung mattresses, huge amounts of waste are created from edge cut-offs. Few have tried to tackle this unwieldy and heavy material to date, but now Kastrup Recycling of Bad Essen has teamed up with fellow German firm MeWa Recycling Maschinen und Anlagenbau of Gechingen to develop a pioneering solution.

Kastrup Recycling collects and sorts various secondary raw materials, of which rolls of sprung mattresses are a relatively new addition. The textile/wire bundles consist of 93% iron with a hardness rating of 54 HRC, which presents an almost insurmountable resistance to shredding.

A MeWa UC 150 Rotary Shear with intensified drive output is providing the necessary power. The rolls are fed complete into the hopper and, with the help of the compactor, shredded into strips. Via an intermediate bunker, the shredded wires and fabric scraps are fed into a MeWa UG 1007 Granulator. The post-granulator, with reinforced rotor, crushes the material to a grain size of less than 30 mm in a single operation.

A subsequent separating station then yields distinct fractions. The fluff and material are blown out using an air separating unit and a magnet lifts off the spring steel ready for recycling. The textiles are marketed as substitute fuel.

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