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ISPA seeks ‘cost-efficient’ mattress recycling

United States – The US-based International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) is seeking a national solution to improve the management of the 50 000-plus mattresses discarded in America on a daily basis.

To date, however, several recycling-related bills have hampered this mission. In 2011, legislation surfaced in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island that would have forced mattress manufacturers to pay for the recycling of used mattresses. According to the association, the regulations considered by California alone would have cost over US$ 100 million.

‘€˜This is an overwhelming expense to any industry, especially one that is still recovering from the recession,’€™ argues ISPA. It was ‘€˜fortunate to defeat California’€™s legislation’€™ and has looked to respond in timely fashion to similar bills in the other states, it adds. Forecasting renewed efforts to change recycling legislation in 2013, the association insists that it will continue to strive to ‘€˜protect the players from burdensome legislation that will cripple the industry’€™.

It adds: ‘€˜We recognise that the threat posed by the states is serious and imminent. To that end, ISPA will work with the state officials to make sure that legislation will encourage more recycling in a cost-efficient and practical manner.’€™


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Source: BedTimes

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