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Circular textiles through partnership

Collaboration across the value chain was cited as a key requirement for more sustainable textiles at an event organised by EuRIC, the umbrella organisation for recycling industries in Europe.

EuRIC is organising a series of discussions under the title Recyclers’ Talks to coincide with EU Green Week. The webinar attracted more than 200 registered participants. 
Maria Rincon Lieva, a policy officer for DG Environment at the European Commission, highlighted ways of making textiles more circular. She argued that a strong focus had to be placed on eco-design, investment and collaboration throughout the textile value chain. She added it was important to provide alternatives to tackle the current linear textile model. 

Second skin

MEP Delara Burkhardt joined the keynote session to stress the necessity for a holistic circular economy approach and the fact that textiles are ‘our second skin’ and needed particular attention. 
During a panel discussion, Jonas Eder-Hansen, public affairs director at Global Fashion Agenda, called for a systematic change and a new and proper legal framework for textiles. Valeria Botta, programme manager at ECOS, said it was essential to empower consumers to move to a circular economy for textiles and to prolonging  the useful life of textile products. 

Clear targets needed

EuRIC secretary general Emmanuel Katrakis wrapped up the debate by EuRIC’s vision of an ambitious EU Textiles Strategy that should include proper extended producer responsibility schemes, targets for re-use and recycled content as well as close collaboration across the textiles value chain.

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