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ZenRobotics makes its mark in Australia and Sweden

Global – ZenRobotics of Finland, the leading supplier of robotic sorting technology, has delivered its first sorting systems to customers in Sweden and Australia, claiming these to be ‘the first of their kinds’ in these markets.

Demand for smarter sorting solutions has been boosted worldwide by tighter environmental legislation, and the recycling industry is among those to have ’embraced the potential of robotics and digitalisation’, according to the company. Its cco Rainer Rehn adds: ‘Our customers are innovative visionaries who want to keep ahead. They believe that the new, smarter technologies will improve and future-proof their operations.’

According to Rehn, waste sorting by robot pickers is creating ‘a buzz’ around the globe. Indeed, ZenRobotics successfully debuted at a number of recent trade shows including N-EXPO in Tokyo, IFAT in Munich and WasteExpo in Las Vegas. ‘Our experiences from these events prove that robotic recycling will definitely transform waste processing,’ he enthuses. ‘Imagine sorting many fractions with one machine 24/7.’

ZenRobotics is to strengthen its global presence with new robotic sorting lines at facilities in Japan and France by October/November this year. Since the launch of its Next Generation ZenRobotics Recycler in November 2014, the company has sold 15 units worldwide.

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