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US hub boosts sales of ‘go-to’ scrap shredding solution

In 2021 Zato installed a Blue Devil shredder at Allied Scrap in Lakeland, Florida. The company is run by Rose Mock and Frank Giglia Jr. Left is Zato's Edgar Root.

The year 2022 could not have started better for Italy’s recycling machinery manufacturer Zato. Within a few weeks, its eighth Blue Devil shredder will be installed at a customer in North America, along with the launch of Zato USA in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Two new Blue Devils will be installed in Chicago and northern Michigan in March, followed by another one at a customer in Kansas in April.

According to Zato’s regional sales manager Edgar Root, establishing the US office has been an important step in serving US customers. ‘With a great location and a huge warehouse for spare parts you can be sure we will have the right part available when you need it right here in the US,’ he says.

Zato’s Blue Devil shredder has been ‘a true success story and is sought out by metal recyclers across the US thanks to its robustness and high scrap processing capabilities,’ adds Root. Some of the other advantages of the Blue Devil include:

  • Versatility – The machine shreds light to medium grade scrap including entire cars and their engines
  • Low maintenance – Long lasting blades that need changing only after 25 000 – 30 000 tonnes of scrap are processed
  • High throughput – shreds up to 30 tonnes per hour without the need for an operator
  • Safety – Potentially explosive items and unshreddable materials are neutralised or filtered out by Blue Devil before they can reach a hammer mill

Pre-shedder capability

According to Root, yards which use Blue Devil as a pre-shredder ‘typically see output increases from their hammer mill of 20% or more’. Costing little more than a medium sized shear and significantly less than a hammer mill, the Blue Devil is quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ scrap processing machine in metal recycling yards right across America, Root adds.

For more information, mail Edgar Root: [email protected]

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