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Third arm to make sorting robot even smarter

Global – ZenRobotics, the Finnish company behind smart sorting technology for the recycling industry, has introduced the latest upgrades to its robotic waste sorting system, the so-called ZenRobotics Recycler (ZRR), such that it is now capable of sorting tens of new waste fractions.

According to the company, the ZRR can already sort plastics by polymer (polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate and polyvinyl chloride), C-wood (impregnated wood) and scrap metal by colour or shape.

In 2017, the ZRR will be available with a third arm which helps the machine to sort more material. The ZRR3 will be able to make up to 6000 picks per hour – or 50% more picks than the current generation, the company claims. The first three-armed robot system is set to go into operation in Australia in January.

Additional upgrades to the ZRR improve the overall usability and flexibility of the system. A new gripper design makes the handling of heavier objects easier. In addition, the waste conveyor speed is no longer fixed but can be adjusted by up to 1 metre per second, according to the Helsinki-headquartered company.

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