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The ultimate separation solution

It is becoming increasingly important to extract raw materials from used consumer devices so they can be returned directly to the manufacturing industry. Ferrous scrap is an important part of this, although the desired quality cannot yet be achieved using only magnetic separation and manual sorting. The reason for this is that many other non-magnetic materials attached to the scrap end up in the clean ferrous fractions.

TA-PO Industries already had its TA-PO1000 separation machine to deal with this ‘polluted’ FE fraction but, at 11 metres long and with a large capacity, it was not always suitable for everyone. As an innovation to this successful model, Roberto van den Kieboom developed the compact TA-PO600 in 2021, especially for processors with a certain FE fraction (under five tonnes per hour from e-scrap for example) and whose material size was below 100 mm.

The TA-PO600 and the TA-PO1000 offer the perfect solution for everyone. Due to its unique design, and making use of the speed of the moving parts, TA-PO has delivered a new model at just 4.5 by 1.3 metres, making it easier to integrate into existing processes.

The TA-PO600 can of course also be used as a stand-alone machine. Settings can be selected during operation to adjust the recipe for other fractions to be separated.


When an FE fraction is separated by the TA-PO600, a clean FE fraction will be created with less than 0.3% copper and a mixed fraction containing FE and non-magnetic parts such as motor armatures, transformers, printed circuit boards and cables with plugs. A typical separation result is 75% clean FE and 25% FE + mix, both fractions increasing in value in these proportions.

The TA-PO600 has the same proven technology as the TA-PO1000 and has the additional unique feature that the conveyor belt can be changed by one person without using lifting equipment in less than 30 minutes.


Like all machines from TA-PO industries, the TA-PO600 is also equipped with a clear touchscreen for easy operation and a modem for 24/7 support. High-quality materials and finishing deliver a quality machine with very low operating and maintenance costs. TA-PO machines can also be used to separate batteries from an FE fraction.

In addition to this cleaner fraction, another important advantage is that the batteries are isolated and can be stored safely elsewhere. From the separation results of the material on our demonstration machine, customers can see that their materials, combined with this technology, is the perfect recipe.

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