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The high-performance S-Wing fromCopex: co-produced with its customers

The S-Wing 1000 at Les Recycleurs Bretons.

Copex has specialised in the design and manufacture of hydraulic shear balers for scrap metal processing since it was founded in 1948. As one of the world leaders in this field, it offers an extensive range of machines to meet all the needs of the recycling industry. Here the spotlight shines on the French manufacturer’s latest machine – a 1 000-tonne S-Wing – installed at a Brittany-based specialist in dismantling end-of-life ships.

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Les Recycleurs Bretons was set up over 30 years ago and is a multi-specialist in recycling based in the Brittany region of
France where its seven sites have included since 2013 a state-of-the-art sorting centre. Scrap metal recycling remains the company’s flagship activity.

In 2021, 30 000 tonnes of decarbonised steel were delivered to scrap yards in northern France and elsewhere in Europe. The scrap comes mainly from the breaking of pleasure boats and larger vessels – an activity in which Les Recycleurs Bretons is a European leader.

To process its scrap, the company now has three Copex machines at its disposal: an 800-tonne Lidex side-compression shear; a 650-tonne Reflex portable shear; and the heavy-duty S-Wing shear with press wings, installed along with conveyor and vibrating table.

A fully-considered choice The proximity of the two Breton companies and their shared regional identity certainly
played a part in Les Recycleurs Bretons’ decision to work with Copex.

As CEO Pierre Rolland puts it: ‘Like Copex, which designs and manufactures its machines locally, it is very important for me to control all our operations. That is why, rather than outsourcing, I prefer to develop the multi-skilling of my operators. And I have seen that everything is done on the S-Wing machine, as on the other models, to make the operators’ work easier, which helps us develop the versatility we are looking for.’

An example of this is the ease with which blades can be changed by means of a maintenance platform and special tools that enable the operation to be carried out in complete safety inside two hours.

Robust and efficient

Robustness was also a determining factor in the buying decision, with key features including: an extended guide for the shear ram which is more robust than on other machines in the same category; the reinforced compression box; and protection wherever there is a risk of damage.

Furthermore, the machine is also extremely fast and efficient thanks to: the kinematics of the press wings and their effective coverage of the scrap materials; the wings’ overtravel; automatic operation; latest-generation hydraulics; and the option of a pre-load table that increases production by 15-20%.

Mr Rolland comments: ‘We chose this machine because it is a real heavy-duty press-wing shear. Everything on this machine is reinforced for intensive use, which is exactly what we need.’

2023 marked the 75th birthday of Copex. With this clever S-Wing shear, the French scrap shear specialist is demonstrating its continuous innovation and its constant focus on the needs of its customers. At the same time, the company is offering an alternative solution in the field of heavy-duty side-compression machines to help meet the sustained demand for shears with press wings.

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