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BHS RAPAX – the smart and flexible pre-shredding solution

With the sturdy and easy to maintain RAPAX, BHS-Sonthofen created a truly universal pre-shredder: The slow-running, two-shaft machine offers a wide range of applications in the recycling industry by supporting different tool variations, shredding table inserts and various adjustable parameters.

When designing a new machine, it is important to focus on the challenges of the specific application it will be used for. In recycling, every feed material is different and comes with its own demands. No one knows that better than BHS-Sonthofen. In their test center, customers can try out their own material on BHS machines before they decide which machine is suited best. Yet the new pre-shredder RAPAX does it all: From various metal fractions, like scrap metal and WEEE, household and commercial waste, to construction and demolition waste, such as asphalt clods or plasterboard – the RAPAX really is universal. But how can one machine be so versatile? The answer lies on the one hand in its sturdy and robust construction and on the other hand in the many details, which allow the RAPAX to be adapted to specific needs.

High performance paired with robust design and smart control

A lot of power is needed to shred a washing machine or a ton of asphalt clods. At the same time, the forces that are at work during the process are enormous. The development team placed particular emphasis on robust design but also on high performance. Even the highest demands on shredding forces place no limits on the RAPAX with drive powers of up to 400 kW. This guarantees reliable, high throughput even under the most adverse conditions. To keep the gears safe from shocks that might occur during the process, BHS developed a unique gearbox-saving technology: The RAPAX features a combination of belt drive and compact planetary gears with the bearing of the drive unit on rubber buffers. These buffers effectively protect the drive unit against shocks and constraining forces, which leads to a significantly increased service life of the gear unit.

Perfectly adapted to customer requirements

To make the RAPAX a true all-rounder, various customizations are available. In effect, every RAPAX is as individual as the feed material it recycles: In order to be able to optimally process a multitude of different feed materials, RAPAX is available in different designs and sizes: The 15xx or 20xx series comes in three different sizes each, with shaft lengths ranging between 1.2 and 3.2 meters. Furthermore, customers can choose between two different shredding tool designs. The wear-optimized and robust “JANUS Shape” shredding tool can handle massive, heavy feed material as commonly occurs, for example, in the preliminary shredding of metal fractions or construction waste. The strongly serrated “BAT Shape” model delivers higher throughput, especially when processing light feed materials such as commercial waste and light scrap.

The RAPAX is designed to shred material in every running direction. The shafts can be controlled completely flexibly via the machine control system. Synchronous and asynchronous movements are just as possible as reversing ones. The control system makes it possible to select the appropriate program consisting of different movement sequences for every input material.

Depending on the application, different tearing tables are available to adjust the output size of the feed material with pinpoint accuracy. The tearing table, which is designed as a one-piece cassette, is located beneath the two tearing shafts. It can be quickly removed or exchanged thanks to the innovative shaft exchange system that also minimizes downtimes, as the shafts can be easily replaced for maintenance or to switch the tools.

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