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Swiss waste major switches to robotic sorting

Switzerland – Robotic sorting specialist ZenRobotics of Finland continues to roll out its technology across the globe and is now close to installing a state-of-the-art system at Swiss waste management major Eberhard which is claimed to be the first of its kind in the country.

Based in Zurich, Eberhard is a family business with a solid position in the Swiss waste management industry. Investing in robotic waste sorting is a natural step, according to the company’s ceo Martin Eberhard. ‘We think long term,’ he says. ‘We seek the most economically and ecologically optimal ways to operate. It’s in our company culture to think innovatively, and the potential in robotic waste sorting is enormous.’

The ZenRobotics Recycler is a robotic waste sorting system designed to reduce processing costs and increase recycling efficiency. The system reclaims multiple fractions simultaneously with the help of industrial robots and smart machine learning technology.

Timo Taalas, ceo at ZenRobotics, comments: ‘We have been able to demonstrate that ZenRobotics Recycler has amazing learning capability with new waste streams. The system now adapts quickly to new customer needs.’ And he adds: ‘We are thrilled to deliver our technology to Switzerland as it’s a leading recycling nation with strict regulations. We truly believe that robotic waste sorting is the best present-day option for recyclers everywhere.’

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