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SSI Shredding’s ‘watch it shred’ goes viral

Global – SSI Shredding Systems has been awarded the Silver Play Button plaque for its successful recycling video series on YouTube. The US manufacturer’s equipment demonstrations have gone viral, with the ‘Hippie Volkswagen Beetle’ shred video clocking up nearly 10 million views.

Whether it’s bulletproof glass, off-road tyres, fish heads, bicycles or computer monitors, SSI Shredding Systems claims to shred it all. And it isn’t afraid to showcase the process on its BigShredder channel. Over 107 000 subscribers are watching the ‘watch it shred’ videos and are eagerly suggesting what could be featured next. This feedback has given rise to shredding challenges involving an electric toy car, pineapples, toilets and even a Back to the Future-inspired hoverboard. SSI Shredding notes that the online platform has since ‘exploded’.

‘It’s always been exciting for me to see how SSI has been ahead of the curve when it comes to video content in this industry,’ comments Kia Geraths, marketing manager at SSI Shredding Systems. ‘We are thrilled to see how well our audience is growing and can’t wait to see what future shreds we put together for them.

‘To watch SSI’s shred videos, check:

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