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Small parts play a big role in giant components

Forged wear parts have become increasingly popular in the automotive sector, among others, because they extend the product’s lifecycle while lowering downtime and maintenance costs. Sales of forged shredder hammers and pin shafts by Stahlwerk Augustfehn have increased by 100% in the last three years alone.

Stahlwerk Blue is the name of the new generation of forged shredder hammers (12kg, 121kg and 450kg) from Stahlwerk Augustfehn. The company’s history of forging goes back more than 145 years, when it was a subsidiary of Krupp Steel. Since 1989 it has been a privately held company and is now fully modernised and ready to take on new challenges. A large group of recycling, mining, machinery and plant engineering companies rely on the forged parts from northern Germany.

Maximum breaking resistance

Large components do not cause undue concern to the forge, even if they are made for engineering giants with overburden excavators in open-pit mining or bucket wheel loaders, which present a challenge to the supplier with their large compression stresses due to weight (up to 15 000 tonnes), enormous tensile stresses and accelerated frictional wear on every component. For these excavators to have a long lifecycle, every part must be premium quality.

This expertise from other industries is transferred in the wear parts, resulting in longer wear time and less stress to other components of the shredder due to special features like differential heat treatment.

Local adjustment to the hardness reduces pin wear as well as the risk of fracture – and maximises wear time on the beating end. The forged tool does not widen on the hole, which allows easy dismounting. The forged pin itself guarantees maximum breaking resistance and minimal wear as the hardness matches the hardness of the hammer-hole.

Longer wear time reduces maintenance costs, mill downtime and the parts inventory. Stahlwerk Augustfehn looks confidently to the future: the old tradition of forging is attracting modern attention and will find even more applications.

Global reach

As well as the wear parts for metal recycling and mineral processing, piston rods, coupling rods, buckets for dredging and excavation, rollers, reels, rolling bearings, gear rims and forged blanks are all delivered to more than 500 customers in 35 countries in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Stahlwerk Augustfehn’s crew knows how to handle hot steel, including difficult metal-forming processes and complicated parts. The newest technologies are essential to be competitive in the global market. Highly stressable forged parts find success worldwide because of the combination of experienced staff and the best use of modern technology.

On top of state-of-the-art CAD construction and a fully CNC-controlled hydraulic press, various five-axes milling and turning machines are in the machine pool to ensure parts can be produced even faster.

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