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Sierra brings new two-ram baler to Vegas

United States – Sierra International Machinery revealed a novelty at this week’€™s ISRI expo in Las Vegas; its REB4 Two-Ram Baler, which is said to be the only two-ram baler that features Sierra’€™s patent pending dual-compression doors.

The ‘groundbreaking’ REB4 baler uses 55 tons of force per door to push the material below the cutting knife and into the charging chamber, increasing charging efficiency, eliminating roll-back, and pre-densifying the material before the cycle even begins. This leads to a 20% – 40 % increase in production.

The new model allows for greater input density in the charging chamber, which is ‘dramatically different’ than traditional two-ram balers. When the doors are fully closed there is only a 6-inch gap that requires shearing, reducing the area to be cut by 90% and allowing for an overall reduction of shear and hydraulic shock.

‘Our original two-rams are great machines, but we knew we could do better,’ comments John Sacco, president and owner of Sierra International Machinery.

And he adds: ‘We didn’t set out to just make a faster machine by adding more horsepower or more pump speed, we set out to create a machine that actually solved the dilemmas and frustrations that recyclers face every day, such as roll-back, shear shock, and hydraulic shock. By eliminating these frustrations, we’ve increased the speed, production, and efficiency.’

Additionally, there is a lot less stress on the blades and structure of the machine. This reduction in shearing also reduces energy cost, making the REB4 ‘the most power efficient’ two-ram in the world, according to Sierra.

The manufacturer describes the REB4 two-ram baler as a ‘game changer’ in its segment. The new machine was developed through years of experience in Sierra’s own recycling facility.

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