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Sicon to help Qatar process its growing e-scrap stream

Middle East – Technology developed by Sicon will be rolled out later this year in Qatar to boost local dismantling and recycling of electronics. The company has recently signed a contract to install a two-stage e-scrap system with an option for further treatment systems.

The so-called Sicon-e concept consists of a ‘flexible and high-capacity’ modular system which is capable of handling ‘a wide variety’ of materials. The EcoShred® Vertec vertical shredder comminutes household appliances and thus opens these up for further processing steps. The value-added chain is optimised using screen and metal separators manufactured by IFE.

During the second step of the process, non-ferrous metals are compacted with the aid of the EcoShred Sphere balling mill and prepared for downstream sorting. The rugged-design EcoShred Sphere features adjustable grinding tracks and optional grid segments. The Sicon-e concept is supplemented by the VARISORT WEEE multi-sensor sorter which separates circuit boards or stainless steel components from the product stream.

To separate plastics from electrical and electronic scrap, Sicon offers its Polyfloat wet separation process. The e-scrap recycling line will be installed in September this year.

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