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‘Separation performance increasingly critical’

Following the rise in demand for material testing, separation technology expert Bunting Magnetics Europe has constructed a new recycling test facility at their Master Magnets manufacturing operation in Redditch near Birmingham in the UK. Initially, the facility will house two stainless steel magnetic separators and an Eddy Current separator.

‘We are seeing an increase in the number of controlled material tests,’ says Master Magnets’ general manager Adrian Coleman. ‘As material specifications tighten and separation performance becomes increasingly critical, the number of tests we undertake grows.’ 

Customer wants proof

The new test centre covers an area of 122 m2 and was constructed in less than three months. ‘Often, customers want to witness the tests,’ Adrian. ‘The new recycling test facility enables large groups of people to safely participate,’ he adds. The facility expands the companies’ testing capabilities. A state-of-the-art laboratory for high intensity magnetic separators for the mineral processing and ceramics industries in the world is already located at the Master Magnets plant.

Viability boost

The new test centre is in operation on a daily basis, according to Adrian.  ‘Our aim is undertake tests for more companies.  We can demonstrate what separation is possible and, hopefully, help maximise the economic viability of many recycling projects.’

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