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Remotely keeping an eye on sorting performance

If one thing the pandemic has made clear, it is the importance of smarter and remote servicing. Sorting tech expert Stadler has launched a new tool to monitor the performance of its equipment.

Service Data Cloud platform (SDC) captures operating and sensor data from the equipment at the customer’s sorting plant. This information is securely stored in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

‘SDC puts the customer and our service department in direct communication with the individual machines in the sorting plant,’ says Stadler’s Amela Sijaric. ‘It provides valuable insights into the operation and enables us to work more effectively with our customer to resolve any issues as they arise, and to ensure that the plant continues to meet their evolving requirements effectively,’ she explains.

According to Stadler, SDC can be used in all types of sorting plants, including existing facilities. ‘You may just need to update some hardware,’ it adds.

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