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Calling all tech innovators

Technology makes the world go round. At least, for recyclers it does. At a time of tough competition and ambitious recycling targets, the question is; who are the real innovators?

Whether you’re talking about new washing or sorting system, remote control material handlers, or more powerful shredders; at the heart of the industry lies the desire the push the boundaries. To be more efficient, to recycle the “unrecyclable”. Recyclers are known to conduct business based on the notion that ‘nothing is impossible’.

At Recycling International, we are always looking to the future. We’re asking ourselves; ‘What’s next?’ Eager to celebrate the accomplishments of the global recycling industry, we are once again publishing the dedicated tech-based magazine called Recycling Technology this September. It will deliver the latest R&D milestones, product reviews and corporate best practices right to your doorstep.

Don’t be a face in the crowd

We invite any technology providers, engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and other recycling specialists to come forward to be part of our annual edition of Recycling Technology.

Are you interested in being featured? Submit your paper by July 8.

Would you like to share any interesting developments or article ideas with us? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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