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Recycling equipment majors extend their co-operation

United States – US-based shredder major Newell Recycling Equipment (NRE) has become the exclusive representative and distributor in North America for shear baler producer C&G of northern Italy. ‘€˜This partnership allows us to be able to serve all scrap processors and not just the shredding industry,’€™ it is stressed by NRE.

Both companies have more than 50 years of manufacturing experience and both have sold their scrap processing machinery to hundreds of customers all over the world. C&G has sold more than 700 shears and balers worldwide, including some 40 machines into the US market. The best-known brand of C&G shears and balers is the Taurus range.

Newell claims to have produced or licensed two-thirds of the 850 so-called full-sized shredders worldwide while ‘almost all’ of the shredders located around the globe are claimed to have features ‘based on the original Newell designs’. Although over the years Newell has provided dozens of recycling companies with its machinery, 60% of ferrous scrap is still believed to be processed using alternative equipment.

According to NRE president Scott Newell III, this means ‘a great potential for the new Newell/C&G relationship to participate in equipment supply to this significant market’. Newell has come to know the management and staff of C&G over a period of years when working on related projects.

The time Newell has spent with C&G has convinced him of the ‘superior design and advanced features’ of Taurus shears and balers. He comments: ‘We are very happy and excited about this co-operation with business friends and look forward to being able to service the complete industry with high-quality machines and service.’


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