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Realising reliable relationships – that’s Forrec

The Italian company promises close partnerships with clients, ‘superb’ research and development, tailored products and full maintenance support.  

On the international scene, and specifically in the treatment of municipal solid and industrial waste, Forrec is a company with effective solutions to its clients’ requests; experience in the sector and the technical knowledge of a research and development office that always guarantees a considered and effective answer.

The different focuses that characterise the work of Forrec, always aimed in finding smart solutions to preserve the environment, are summarised simply by the prefix ‘RE’.

This primarily refers to recycling, the area in which the company deals, but there’s much more:

  • The RElationship that Forrec looks to establish with clients means it is essential to share experiences and needs, and to meet expectations in terms of reliability, performance and management costs. It is a partnership of ‘Made in Italy’ with the know-how of insiders who have been part of the environmental industry for decades.
  • Continuous REsearch supported by a technical office composed of nine engineers, technological partners and a commitment to stay constantly up-to-date with standards and market trends.
  • The REalisation of totally tailor-made machines and systems, with unique solutions such as DNA, demonstrating flexibility and attention to needs, without neglecting the knowledge acquired from the experience of clients in the various sectors.

Forrec is even more than that. It offers 60 different machine models and turn-key systems for any type of solid municipal and industrial waste and it is a REactive company, backed by the presence of support teams at the client’s premises, call centres, remote assistance and a spare parts warehouse to respond to scheduled maintenance and emergencies.

Focus on MSW

Many horizons have been explored and many goals have been achieved, especially in recent years, when the company has implemented important and ambitious projects such as those concerning the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW).

MSW has proved to be a product that requires particular management for the sorting of material or preparation for combustion. Forrec has designed a line capable of reducing the preparation phases, guaranteeing a quality output with a primary shredder (FR multi-crusher) and a screening machine, avoiding the secondary grinding that means high management costs and constant maintenance.

In addition to the high-performance FR multi-crusher, Forrec has developed a screen in which every component in contact with the waste is made with anti-wear steel and tempered to minimise maintenance costs while ensuring a perfect screening and high-quality production. It also offers a solution to the typical problems of disc screens such as the twisting of long materials around the shafts.

The project conceived and presented by Forrec has met the interest of the Mexican and Southeast Asian markets where large businesses have recognised the real benefits. They are planning to empty landfill sites with the landfill remediation to achieve a long-range goal of zero waste so that waste is exploited to the maximum and becomes an important resource for the planet.

WEEE leader

In addition to the treatment of municipal waste, much success has also been achieved in the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) sector. Two major French companies decided that Forrec’s refrigerator processing technology and experience were exactly what they needed to complete their own plants that will, in terms of intake capacity (120 refrigerators per hour), be the world’s largest.

The two installations are near Bordeaux and Chambery.A key aspect of these lines and the processes they perform is the final handling of the extracted gas. The first French plant uses an innovative, sophisticated on-site gas thermo-destruction system; the second applies the tried and tested cryogenic (nitrogen) system currently used in several Forrec plants around the world.

Forrec continues to lead the WEEE sector, especially the refrigerator segment. It also provides air conditioning, water heater and boiler waste disposal via a unique process that only Forrec plants provide. Such cutting-edge solutions stem from continuous technological upgrading and a flexibility that ensures close customer support during project development and implementation.

Single machines matter

In parallel to the design of complete lines, the company also focuses on the construction of single machines that remains the core business of Forrec.
One of the most recent projects is the X3000M single-shaft shredder. The machine has been designed to process and treat solid waste effectively, even when it is very dense. It can be used on a vast range of materials – plastic, wood, paper and municipal solid waste – with a capacity of up to five tonnes per hour with a 30 mm grating.

The shredder incorporates key technical features such as: a frontal hatch for easier access to the machine; independent hydraulic rams, each with its own hydraulic control unit; spiral lateral seals to ensure safer processing; and a more ergonomic structure for easier maintenance.

The drive system on the X3000M also offers numerous advantages, the most important being the incorporation of a chain reducer rather than the gear-type alternative. This solution solves the problem of vibration-induced chain breakage while ensuring greater safety.

Ready for future challenges

The range of products is still evolving and Forrec has added the hammer mill to its technologies, successfully including it within the WEEE treatment plants, and those dealing with electric motors and both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The hammer mill is particularly appreciated in the treatment of cables and electric motors and has found applications in many sites in Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland.

Research and development are always effective and new works are in progress. A skilled and caring team is ready for the different market demands and essential appointments in Europe and around the world. These, and much more, are on the horizon of a young and dynamic company always ready for new challenges.

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