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PHS Group’s dry recycling process overcomes RDF challenge

United Kingdom – Thanks to the patented LifeCycle recycling method, PHS Group is able to process up to 60% of the collected hygiene waste products. The UK recycler has set a mission for this year; to convert all the 45 000 tonnes of the material into bales to provide green energy.

They can take up to 500 years to decompose and form one of the largest waste streams dumped in UK landfills, PHS Group says of waste hygiene products. For instance, no less than 3 billion diapers are thrown away every year.

The intense shredding, compressions, and chemical separation steps pioneered by PHS Group are helping to make a difference in the niche market that is often overlooked. Another materials issue that simply burning wet waste is expensive as it has to be heated prior to incineration.

‘Our patented process makes the material dry enough to recover energy from it in the form of Refuse Derived Fuel – and we can do it on an industrial scale,’ the group comments.

At present, PHS Groups sources waste from more than 90 000 offices, schools and care homes across the UK and Ireland.

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