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Panizzolo is the answer for global recycling innovators

Paying attention to the environment, as much as the optimisation of productivity and costs control, is the ideal combination for waste treatment services. Mauro Panizzolo, owner and technical manager of Panizzolo Recycling Systems, and sales manager Matteo Turatto set out here exactly how that can be achieved.

‘Our recycling solutions for metal waste treatment start from a completely customer-oriented approach,’ says Panizzolo. ‘We have based our mission and company vision on producing efficient, flexible and innovative solutions to maximize the return on our client’s investment, providing the right options to develop the business, without forgetting also to be a valuable ally for the environment.

The particular purpose of our plants is the treatment and recovery of all waste containing metals such as copper, aluminium, brass, steel and iron to transform them from waste into resources to be introduced back into the production cycle’.

Time is money

Constant research and development activity, plus a 30-year know-how, guarantee an extensive knowledge of the sector and its challenges. ‘Thanks to a mix of engineering design and direct experience in this field, Panizzolo’s new machines are tested for long periods at its Piove di Sacco recycling plant, Panizzolo explains. ‘We create high-performance solutions from a commercial, technological and environmental point of view. Our metal recycling plants emphasis the concept of “time is money”.’

The owner adds that the metal waste treatment processes are designed to maximize production activity and limit production and maintenance costs. Applied technologies allow the total recovery of secondary raw materials and their re-entry into the economic cycle.

With continuous attention to customers’ needs and tests carried out on the company’s own facility, the Panizzolo team constantly researches and develops new technical solutions for different national and international markets. They also collaborate with the University of Padua and technical workshops at renowned foundries.

The right design

With customer satisfaction a priority, the right machinery is needed to maximize business performance. For this reason Panizzolo Recycling Systems applies strict quality policies in the design and construction of its plants. ‘In the design phase, it is important the proposed solutions enable the end-user to optimise the profitable potential of the output metals, bringing them to a size, a quality and a degree of cleanliness that are the highest required by the market,’ says Panizzolo.

All this means that the solutions and machineries offered by Panizzolo guarantee quality metal outputs that fall within the European parameters for the recognition of ‘secondary raw material’ (EU Regulations 333/2011 and EU Reg. 715/2013).

Turatto adds: ‘In the design, all the logistics phases of the inputs and outputs and the environmental safety are optimised, as well as providing soundproofing and dust suppression systems. The safety of the operators is important both during processing and maintenance procedures.’

Patented solutions

The wide range of recycling solutions comprise hammer mills, industrial shredders and separation systems, all designed to be both flexible and efficient. The most important of these includes the patented interchangeable cradle inside the hammer mills, meaning the treatment line can easily be adapted to process different types of waste. The cradle has the additional function of absorbing grinding efforts. According to Panizzolo, that’s ‘a plus that the customer sees in the long run’.

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