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NRT takes plug-and-play optical sorters to IFAT

United States – The upcoming IFAT 2016 trade show in Munich will see many suppliers launching their latest innovations in recycling technology, and among them will be US-based National Recovery Technologies (NRT). The company will be showing off its new SpydIR and ColorPlus optical sorters which feature its In-Flight Sorting technology and continuous auto-calibration.

According to NRT, the new design represents ‘a culmination’ of customer feedback and years of research and development aimed at improving recovery rates using company equipment. ‘For our customers, a couple of percentage points in recovery can significantly impact their bottom line,’ comments NRT president Matthias Erdmannsdoerfer.

‘Through mapping the trajectory of ejected commodities with high-speed cameras, we found that a small percentage were bouncing back and not being recovered. The new units offer a sleek, modern design, but more importantly, the new shape provides advanced trajectory control that virtually eliminates bounce-backs of any ejected objects,’ he adds.

Erdmannsdoerfer also points out that the sorters’ plug-and-play design allows for ‘faster’ installation, commissioning and start-up. ‘We are not simply a supplier of detection and ejection components,’ he insists. ‘We manage the entire process, and this new generation is another step in our heritage as a provider of high-performance sorting systems.’

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