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Nian Hung’s magnetic separation equipment is making a difference

Nian Hung began was established in Douliu, Taiwan, in 1986, specialising in the design and manufacture of powerful magnets. It expanded into the research and development of various types of magnetic separation equipment applicable to different industries such as:

  • metal recycling
  • rubber & plastics recycling
  • incineration slag & bottom ash
  • petrochemicals
  • pharmaceuticals

In addition, Nian Hung’s magnetic separation equipment utilise permanent magnetism. This means no additional electricity is required for generating magnetic force. Building on almost four decades of experience, the company continues to focus on the innovation of magnetic separation technology while striving to transform how we obtain, use, and reuse the planet’s resources to enable a world without waste.

How did Nian Hung help the sector?

The Lize incinerator was built by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Yilan County in Lize Industrial Park, Taiwan, back in 1996 with a processing capacity of 150 000 to 200 000 tonnes per year. Unfortunately, the slag had not been processed properly after incineration for more than a decade. Therefore, Nian Hung was commissioned to develop an entire slag recycling line for the new plant. Regional legislators complimented Nian Hung for having built quite a reputation for recycling expertise in Taiwan as well as China.

Evaluation by Nian Hung’s team suggested that the slag recycling line should include magnetic separation equipment such as the Overbelt Magnetic Separator and the Eddy Current Separator. This would ensure efficient sorting and recovery of all ferrous and non-ferrous hidden in material.

Finally, valuable metals could be retrieved from the burned waste while the cost of mechanical operations were greatly reduced. Nian Hung also adopted white iron for the channel steel of both separators to be rust-proof considering the unique operating environment of the new slag processing plant.

The performance of the new equipment was described as ‘simply outstanding’. A main benefit cited for acquiring a turnkey solution from Nian Hung’s team was that doing so substituted the need to look at technology providers based overseas. This would make maintenance and repair a whole lot easier going forward.

The Lize project is still going strong and demonstrates how magnetic separation equipment can significantly improve slag recycling after incineration.

Nian Hung says its mission is to fulfill each customer’s requirements by fully committing to customisation. This focus is instrumental in helping customers reduce production and labour costs while ensuring a quick return on investments in magnetic separation equipment.

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