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New shear ‘changes the face’ of UK firm’s business

United Kingdom – It is still possible to boost business even in difficult economic times, UK scrap firm EnableLink has demonstrated. In just one year, the company has managed to double its capacity thanks to investments in new equipment. ‘We are now producing more scrap for less money,’ confirms general manager Charlie Penn.

In 2013, the purchase of a new shear from Danieli Henschel is claimed to have ‘changed the face of the business’. Penn explains: ‘As well as saving on running costs, it gives us a product that is denser, cleaner and easier to melt. The extra density means we can load an extra 10% into containers, which increases the margin for all concerned and has led to real interest from the international marketplace.’

The CIB 1250-10 shear features six 90kW motors. Steel of all types can be fed into its 8-metre box where it is hammered into a 900 cm by 800 cm log with a length variable up to 8 metres. According to Penn, the faster and quieter machine ‘is using one generator where previously we relied on two’.

Based in central England, EnableLink is in its sixth year of trading. The company processes up to 600 tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals per day, with a core focus on heavy steelworks melting grades.

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