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Moros: 66 years of manufacturing scrap machinery

From its inception, Spanish manufacturer Moros has focused on developing scrap machinery of the highest quality for the recycling industry. This principle has remained over the last seven decades and Moros continues to provide highly reliable and efficient machines with the highest quality and performance all over the world.

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One of the greatest achievements for the company is that Moros machines are recognised as robust and reliable equipment that include the latest technologies, allowing a quick return on the client’s initial investment.

A key advantage of purchasing a machine from Moros is its flexibility both of the product and manufacturing, every time offering a tailor-made solution to exceed the customer’s expectations. It is increasingly difficult to find companies that care so much about the details and keep everything in-house to ensure it can adapt every machine to any need.

It is obvious that recent times have been challenging for everybody due to the COVID pandemic. Moros has kept manufacturing, developing new models, giving assistance and delivering both spares and new machines. As an example, Moros has backed collaboration with local workshops in foreign countries to guarantee technical assistance and has created online groups with customers to improve remote assistance with existing machines.

We all have faced difficult times and we are proud to say that the scrap sector has responded very well. Today our customers are optimistic again. The future is promising, and Moros continues to investing hard in R&D, not only improving the range but developing brand new machines to meet specific customer requirements.

New designs in the Moros range

  • MOROS GC-G-550 – Spain: This is a three ram baler with a lid cover in the first compression. It is very versatile to produce high density customised bales.
  • MOROS H-C-1100 – Lampa (Chile): This shear has asymmetric opposite wings and it has been specially designed to maximise production rates when processing light and medium density scrap.
  • MOROS GC-M-160 – Censima (Argentina) and another unit in a Spanish company. The shape of the wings in this baler (asymmetric opposite wings) means it produces higher density bales with the maximum productivity (automatic ejection of the bale). Moreover, it is a versatile machine that can be mounted on a trailer platform and incorporate a crane to become a fully mobile and autonomous baler.

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