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‘More than 90% recyclable’ fast-food packaging

Germany – Chemicals giant BASF and German recycled paperboard products manufacturer Schuster Karton are working on a recycled cardboard product that can be used by the fast-food packaging industry. To date, the use of recycled cardboard in this application sector has been limited owing to ink substances that can migrate from the packaging into food.

BASF has developed a biopolymer called Ecovio PS 1606 that has been applied to recycled cardboard in an extrusion coating process. According to the companies, this ′enables the proportion of recycled paper fibres in fast-food packaging to be increased, while simultaneously making it industrially compostable′.

Ecovio PS 1606 is said to be ′biobased and biodegradable′, according to both the American standard ASTM 6400 and the European standard EN 13432. ′Cardboard packaging produced with the coating is more than 90% recyclable and industrially compostable,′ it is underlined.


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