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More growth for North America’s shredding ‘rock stars’

United States – The number of stationary, hammermill-type shredders in North America has climbed around 4% over the last three years from 342 to 356, according to a list published in the latest edition of ‘Scrap’ magazine from the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. Of this total, 312 are in the USA, 28 in Canada and 16 in Mexico.

The US state with the most shredders was found to be Texas with 31, well ahead of second-placed Florida on 19. In terms of companies, The David J. Joseph Co. (Cincinnati) and its subsidiaries have the most with 16.

Kent Kiser, publisher of ‘Scrap’, describes automobile shredders as ‘the rock stars of scrap processing equipment’, adding that ‘no other recycling machinery captures the imagination or garners as much attention’. He also notes that, in recent years, the large-shredder trend has slowed in favour of smaller and mobile shredder units.

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