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K 2013 debut for Bühler sorting station

Global – The Bühler Group launched its new Optical Sorting Station (OSS) at the K 2013 trade fair for plastics and rubber which took place on October 16-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany. According to the UK-based manufacturer, the OSS features various elements of optical sorting, including plant engineering, sorting technology, pneumatic conveyors, pre-conditioners and also auxiliary equipment.

The system is integrated and so processors no longer need to source-separate elements from multiple suppliers, Bühler says. For flake processing, the OSS features a purifying, refining, sizing and grading stage which can include one or more Sortex optical sorters. According to Bühler, these are linked by the necessary equipment to convey the product between stages and, if required, to reintroduce it into the system for resorting.

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