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It’s all about fusion and flexibility at IFAT expo

Germany – Over 138 000 visitors and nearly 4000 exhibitors flocked to Munich for the IFAT expo, thus cementing its reputation as Europe’s biggest recycling machinery trade fair. Many recycling pioneers grabbed the opportunity to launch one or multiple innovations during the 50th edition of the much anticipated event.

‘The launch of our three new shredders proves that Lindner’s main focus is on flexibility,’ announced Lindner Recyclingtech’s product manager Stefan Scheiflinger. ‘The Lindner Miura model was especially developed to maximise the shredder’s material processing capabilities. What makes the difference is its FX Fast Exchange Unit system that facilitates rapid cutting tool changes,’ he noted.

Change completed in 30 min

Shaft switching is completed in only a few steps and the complete exchange of a pair of shafts, including removal and installation, is possible is less than thirty minutes. ‘Every recycler can spare half an hour if it means switching to an entirely different waste stream,’ Scheiflinger argued.

‘Recyclers know that these days you can’t rely on just one waste stream alone,’ he affirmed. ‘The multi-functional Miura shredder gives them the opportunity to diversify and stay competitive in this volatile market.’

Fusion of technology

Another shredder innovation was brought to Munich by BHS Sonthofen. It unveiled the universal shredder of type NGU, which is available in several versions, for example with a screen perforation of 30 mm for a throughput of 6.5 tonnes per hour. ‘It shreds practically anything – from paper and PET bottles to copper cables and bulky plastics,’ sales director Alfred Weber told Recycling International.

‘You know, we strive to have a fully rounded portfolio. We are not going to limit ourselves to developing just impact shredders or hammer mills; the trick is to combine your best technologies and create an even better, stronger product,’ he insisted.

Be a chameleon

The scrap industry might be experiencing a lot of ups-and-downs, and yet scrap processing equipment expert Sicon has seen a significant lift in its international business over recent months. Not least because it launched the EcoShred Vertec horizontal shredder as well as the Polyfloat plastics separation system this year.

‘Of course, we strive for top quality products but more than ever we are targeting improved flexibility – hence our mascot, the chameleon. It’s a reminder that you have to think fast and adapt,’ said sales manager Peter Wilbert.

Sicon may have its roots in Germany, its biggest market at the moment is America. ‘We’ve had a very prominent presence here from the start and it is still growing thanks to our US headquarters in Alabama,’ Wilbert says. While the waste stream across the US is ‘huge’, he laments that only a portion of it comes in for recycling. ‘Americans still suffer from the throw-away mentality,’ Wilbert adds.

Peter Wilbert (right): Sicon currently in talks with local recycling partners in Qatar and Dubai. In fact, the Middle East is ‘increasingly more interesting’ to Sicon.


Recycling International will publish a two-part review of the IFAT expo in its upcoming issues. 

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