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Italy’s Raycom to offer broad range of recycling kit

Italy – Italian businessman Fabio Luigi D’€™Amati has started up new Brescia-based company Raycom Srl which will be dedicated to global sales of recycling equipment.

Together with two business partners, D’Amati will offer anything from manual and automatic cable strippers and alligator shears to the latest Tiger 300 system, the new electric motor wrecker. The firm will also offer 24/7 customer support.

‘Keeping pace’

‘While many companies are leaving our country to start in another place, we decided to trust in and bet on ourselves,’ says D’Amati. Indeed, the difficult economic situation in Italy has spurred him and his partners to search for ways to build a closer relationship with customers. Businesses must visit yards, share ideas and knowledge, and reach out to the online community while striving to remain competitive, he says. ‘It’s not so much about matching offers but understanding what recycling companies really need to evolve and keep pace in this new era,’ he adds.

The location of Brescia puts the new enterprise in a ‘pleasant land of wines and the famous Garda lake’, where culture, tourism have flourished alongside the metallurgical industrial –  ‘one of the highest in excellence of Europe’.

Raycom reports ‘great experiences’ with visitors to the international Ecomondo trade show, which was held in early November in the Italian coastal city of Rimini.

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