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Igneo Technologies welcomes new ceo

After opening multiple processing hubs and being acquired by Korea Zinc in 2022, Igneo is excited to announce it is now being led by newly appointed ceo Mark Pope.

Igneo’s co-founder and former ceo Danish Mir left the company in March and Pope has stepped into his new role. He has more than 20 years’ experience working in the industry, seven of which have been with the Korea Zinc (KZ) group. In that time, Pope has worked as an executive for KZ’s Australian refinery Sun Metals, leading the company’s green hydrogen and renewable energy initiatives. He spearheaded the creation of a multimillion-dollar trucking and logistics company owned by KZ, Townsville Logistics.

In 2022, Pope was appointed to lead KZ’s global recycling and sustainability efforts and moves into the position as ceo of Igneo Technologies, heading the company as an electronic waste recycling collection, sorting, and processing entity.


When asked about the next steps for Igneo, Pope states: ‘I’m concurrently working with the team to map opportunities in our existing operations in USA and France whilst also expanding into other nations and continents. The growth will include viewing opportunities to expand materials that we already treat and look to process others that we do not in-house.’


Igneo currently operates a metal recovery furnace in Isbergues, France, with the capacity to handle approximately 30 000 tonnes of electronic scrap per year. One of the first initiatives Pope has announced is capital expenditures, putting dollars into the facility to provide upgrades to the equipment for overall process improvement.


While exciting changes are occurring at Igneo, there are also many noteworthy events taking place amongst its subsidiary, evTerra Recycling. The business is on the fast track with three new facilities at Atlanta, Georgia; Henderson, Nevada; and Elgin, Illinois in 2022 before adding a fourth in San Antonio, Texas.

The San Antonio site is currently receiving materials and, with the shredder is under construction, is set to be operational by June.

180 000 TONNES

The four locations can receive and process a total of approximately 180 000 tonnes of electronic scrap per year. Alongside the expansion, evTerra’s Elgin facility has recently been granted an e-Stewards certification, making it the third facility behind Atlanta and Henderson to receive this high notability.

Additionally, all three facilities are NAID and RIOS certified, with Atlanta also holding the R2v3 certification. San Antonio is currently in the certification process and plans to receive the same certifications as its sister locations.

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