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Herbold’s ‘rasp’ shredder handles large plastic pipes

Germany – Saving on energy and operational costs has become an increasing challenge in plastics recycling, prompting machinery suppliers such as Herbold Meckesheim to strive for appropriate new solutions. To this end, the German manufacturer is close to unveiling its latest in the field of plastics processing technology.

One of its innovations is the Herbold Plastcompactor, described by the company as ‘a well-priced alternative’ to a recycling extruder. Used downstream of a washing/separation unit, the Plastcompactor agglomerates a wide variety of materials including fibres, small tapes, foams and other plastics that are difficult to convey.

In addition, Herbold has launched its new generation of granulators. The SB series is equipped with forced feeding and is claimed to be ‘ideal’ for all types of size-reduction applications from PET bottles to pre-shredded materials where maximum performance and cost efficiency are crucial.

Another new development is the Herbold Oscillating Shredder with so-called ‘rasp principle’, designed to handle plastic pipes up to a diameter of 3 metres and capable of shredding pipes of up to 6 metres in a single step. Herbold commends this machine for its ‘low-noise operation’ and ‘low energy consumption’.

Herbold Meckesheim will present its latest innovations at the Fakuma trade show to be held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, on October 13-17 this year.

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