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Gensco and Iris-Mec target vehicle recycling

Canadian firm Gensco Equipment has teamed up with Italian vehicle dismantling and depollution expert Iris-Mec to advance recycling across the transport sector.  

Together, the tech providers hope to benefit the car recycling industry while boosting best practice for the treatment of trucks and motorcycles. Based on 120 years of joint experience in the sector, the partners believe that new legislation and stricter enforcement of targets will push recyclers to become more ambitious. Investing in recycling technology is seen as vital to achieve this.

Indeed, momentum is booming for the global car recycling community. This sector was worth over US$ 72 billion (EUR 67 billion) last year and market analysts expect this to exceed US$ 160 billion by 2028.

Gensco and Iris-Mec offer a wide range of solutions ‘built to the highest standards’ that can:

  • Lift and tilt vehicles
  • Manage depollution
  • Recover fuels and liquids
  • Safely deploy airbags
  • Cut catalytic converters
  • Recover precious metals
  • Shred licence plates
  • Crush rims
  • Shear metals
  • Strip cables

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