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Forrec at Ecomondo 2021 to present new innovative solutions for the waste treatment

Forrec is really excited to attend Ecomondo 2021 live this year to introduce some interesting news regarding the TX1600 shredder, a machine for the treatment of end-of-life tyres, the FR5000, a powerful multi crusher, and the TQ1800 shredder,a flexible and efficient four-shaft shredder. These two have recently been optimised to achieve even higher performance.

The TX1600 shredder 

The most relevant innovation that Forrec will present at Ecomondo is the TX1600 shredder and the visitor will be able to see and touch the machine during the event. The purpose of this machine is to offer a careful and effective solution for the proper disposal of end-of-life tyres.

This industrial waste is often stored in landfills, areas teeming with harmful insects that carry with them the risk of spreading diseases and dangerous fires,  but today ELT can be effectively recovered and reused, in particular for the production of Tyre Derived Fuel, used by cement factories. Furthermore, this type of plant is specially designed for increasing productivity to make the investment economically sustainable.

The most remarkable technical innovation of the TX1600 shredder is given by the “clean cut” blades that allow the machine to overcome the problem of fraying the steel wire contained in the rubber of the tyre.

The FR5000 Multi Crusher

The two machines have been improved to create a even more powerful and performing solution. The Multi Crusher, designed for the treatment of municipal solid waste, bulky waste and industrial waste is equipped with central and lateral counter-blades totally independent, without support crosspieces to optimize the unloading of the processed material, and the blade-holdings are removable by unbolting the flanges. Furthermore now the output size is adjustable by replacing the counter blades.

The TQ1800 shredder

The TQ1800 shredder, instead, is suitable for the treatment of refrigerators, WEEE, cables and plastics. This new version is optimized to achieve even higher quality results: in particular, the shredding power has been increased up to 260 kW and the output material selection grid has been improved.

Forrec, thanks to continuous investment in research and innovation, keeps finding concrete solutions for any types of waste, even for the most problematic, satisfying the requests of customers at an international level.

Would you like to receive more information and details? Come to visit us at Ecomondo 2021 from 26 to 29 October 2021: Hall A1, Stand 050 or visit

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