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Exodus Machines boosts shear blade lifetime by up to 80%

BladeCore has launched the new NiCore premium blade series. The division of Exodus Machines says the blades are made from specialised high-alloy material with a 4% Nickel content. This increases the product lifecycle between 60-80% compared to a standard blade.

During a trial with almost 75 customers, over 90% concluded that they preferred blades comprised of this tough material because of the additional output of processed scrap. A customer from Pennsylvania claims: ‘We used to go through two or more blade kits a year and we’re down to one now, which is huge. The additional savings from less down time is also great for us.’

‘We’ve never seen blade life like this on a blade before. These NiCoreblades will redefine life expectations in the scrap metal and demo industries,’ comments Jay McDevitt, BladeCore division manager.

NiCoreblades are currently available through BladeCore for Fortress, Genesis, and LaBounty shears as well as many other types of stationary shears.

‘Calm is contagious’

About the long-term effects of the coronavirus Exodus Machines ceo Kevin Boreen says: ‘I believe we will see a fundamental shift in the ways some companies operate.  Management that at one time were totally negative on working from home now realise it can be done – and quite effectively!’

Boreen underlines that as an essential business the doors remain open for production. ‘Fortunately, we were in decent shape with employees having the hardware available allowing them to work from home. We did have to buy a couple of laptops which seemed to be selling as fast as toilet paper!’ the ceo adds with a laugh. At the moment, 95% of his office staff is working from home.

‘I could not be more proud of how our employees dealt with covid-19,’ Boreen notes. ‘Like any company we have the full gamut of emotions from very concerned to “what’s the big deal?”  I wanted to make sure our response as a company was one of compassion, healthy concern; but zero fear. We will get through this.  I’m a strong believer that calm is contagious in the midst of crisis.’

Boreen concludes: ‘End of the day I sincerely believe we will come out on the other end of this as a stronger company with stronger bonds with our employees, vendors, and customers.’

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