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Eriez presents white paper on zurik to zorba scrap

Recycling technology provider Eriez has released a new white paper titled “Processing zurik to zorba” to highlight separation equipment that efficiently upgrades zurik to a more desirable and profitable zorba fraction while also reducing scrapyard fire hazards.

In the white paper, the company’s recycling market manager Mike Shattuck explains that stockpiles of zurik generate a significant fire risk due to the hot metals surrounded by flammable debris. It details the procedure of transforming relatively low value zurik material into a copper-rich, high value zorba product that is easier to market and sell. Shattuck underlines that that the size reduction and liberation of zurik is key to ensuring this process improves profitability.

He says: ‘By upgrading zurik into zorba, a processor transforms difficult to market, low-value zurik that can be a fire hazard into a high grade, highly sought-after and copper-rich zorba. This copper-rich zorba also commands a higher price than standard zorba and is also easier to market and sell.’ And Shattuck adds: ‘Additionally, this system creates a fine saleable stainless steel product.’

The white paper observes that equipment utilised within the zurik to zorba process consists of a ring mill, small drum type magnetic separator, high frequency eddy current separator and a stainless steel magnetic separator. Achieving maximum recovery and grade of the zorba (+95%) requires the technology of an ultra-high frequency eddy current separator.

‘Standard eddy current separators are only capable of recovering material coarser in size due to less frequency changes found in this type of magnetic circuit design and the larger size distribution,’ it is argued.

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