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Dutch recycler optimises ‘all the links in our chain’

The Netherlands – Maltha Glass Recycling, a subsidiary of Dutch recycler Van Gansewinkel, is investing Euro 4.5 million in upgrading its facility at Heijningen in the south west of the Netherlands as part of the latter’€™s wider programme of developments.

Sorting and separation equipment at the Maltha plant will be replaced by new technology and machinery. Maltha′s managing director Tich Vanduren explains: ′Since we are recyclers, we have looked for ways to give equipment a second life. For example, we reuse the conveyor belts in the new decor.′

Thanks to a new drying system and an additional sorting step, there will be improved removal of ceramics, stone and porcelain. The company has also invested in new technology to recognise stained glass and heat-resistant glass such as Pyrex. Claiming to be the largest glass recycler in Europe, Maltha handles around 1 million tonnes of waste glass each year. The upgrade is expected to boost the company′s recovery volumes by 11% while also improving the quality of the recycled glass. The upgrade at Maltha will begin in March and take several months to complete.

Recently, another Van Gansewinkel subsidiary, Coolrec, opened a new 40 000-tonne facility for plastics recycling at Waalwijk in the south of the Netherlands. Marc Zwaaneveld, ceo at Van Gansewinkel, comments: ′If we want to improve the quality of our end product, we need to optimise all the links in our chain. That is why we invest in collection, storage and sorting.′


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