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Danieli unveils ‘powerful’ new shear

France РDanieli Henschel has officially launched its latest Compact 800 shear during a promotional event at its site in the French city of Chamb̩ry. As its designation suggests, the horizontally-operating machine has a shearing capacity of 800 tonnes.

The new addition to the company’s equipment range is adapted to light, mid-weight or heavy scrap metal and offers productivity of three to five tonnes per hour. Like the other equipment in the Danieli Henschel portfolio, the shear is ‘powerfully designed’ and features ‘top-range components’, such as a Deutz thermal engine (140 CH) and a Parker pump.

Its compact single-piece design, its dimensions (6.25 x 2.45 metres) and its mass (24 tonnes) make the shear easy to transport from one site to another, the company adds.

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