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Copex takes next step with Lidex scrap shear

France – French recycling equipment manufacturer Copex has delivered its first-ever Lidex scrap shear to pack 1700 tonnes of cutting force. The customer is Fers Et Metaux, a metals recycling company based in Fougerolles in the north east of France, whose owner François Vialis says the Lidex 1700 will allow the company to ‘increase both the quality of the sheared products and its production capacities’.

The Lidex 1700 has a cutting width of 1000 mm and a box width that has been reduced to 700 mm. The shear is capable of processing scrap in various forms, including rails, bales of concrete, iron and demolition scrap. According to Copex′s chairman Frédéric Malin, its fabrication required ′more than 15 000 working hours′.

Copex has been selling the Lidex scrap shear with side compression since 2011. Previously, 15 Lidex scrap shears have been delivered to customers, providing either 800, 1000 or 1300 tonnes of cutting force.

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