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Copex benefits from ‘combining mobility and robustness’

Global – French equipment manufacturer Copex is enjoying continuing success with its range of mobile scrap shear balers unveiled in early 2014. Indeed, the company confirms it has recently delivered a Reflex 900 to Metallo-Chimique in Belgium.

Providing 900 tonnes of cutting force, the Reflex 900 is claimed to be the most powerful member of the Reflex family, which has been designed for compacting and shearing welded structures, white goods, car bodies, collected scrap and all kinds of non-ferrous metals.

In developing the Reflex range, the company’s aim was ‘combining mobility and robustness’. For Metallo-Chimique too, mobility was ‘a relevant factor as they have to move their scrap shear daily on their own site at Beerse to get closer to their various stocks of materials’, notes Copex sales manager Nicolas Bourbey.

Reflex shear balers are delivered in mobile and semi-mobile formats. The mobile versions are equipped with three, four or six road axles, while the semi-mobile units feature hydraulic legs ‘allowing fast and easy loading of the machine onto a low loader’.

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