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Capacity ramps up at socially responsible recycler

S-Firma, a recycler based in Moravany, Czech Republic has recently installed a new cable recycling facility to meet growing demand. Designed and built by THM recycling solutions of Germany, the line has a throughput capacity of 0.8 tonnes per hour.

The facility consists of a granulator for pre-shredding cable waste, a magnetic separator for sorting the metals, a cutting mill and all necessary conveyor equipment.

Input material is scrap cable from both households and industry. Processed cables produce a copper/plastics fraction with a grain size of 4 mm. From these grains, a pure copper fraction is obtained in a downstream separation plant.

Expertise and a good heart

S-Firma has a workforce of 80 people of whom around 80% are disabled. It offers comprehensive services in the field of waste recycling, including the disposal of hazardous waste. The company is equipped with all the technical solutions and machinery required for a smooth waste treatment process.

S-Firma’s services include the buying, loading, collecting, sorting and processing of paper as well as a wide range of plastics, e-scrap, metals and hazardous waste streams. Municipalities, cities and waste collection centres make up the lion’s share of the supply.

One thousand units

A company with more than 30 years of expertise in manufacturing and development of recycling machines, THM has installed more than 1 000 recycling machines worldwide. Its product portfolio includes granulators, crushers, cutting mills, shredders, and pre-shredders.

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