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‘Digging deeper’ with automotive shredder residue

Switzerland – Recycling technology specialist swissRTec has announced the production of its largest delamination mill to date. The CCM20RT is said to assist in the task of recovering more metals from automotive shredder residue (ASR).

This new solution from swissRTec boasts a two-metre rotor diameter with a weight of 21 tonnes, and a drive of up to 630 kW. According to the developer, it will increase efficiency by up to 7% while operators will see ′at least a 5% reduction′ in energy cost. ′With many mills running in three shifts at a rate of more than 4500 hours per year, the productivity increase and cost savings are substantial,′ observes swissRTec.

The 2015 EU regulations calling for a recycling rate of 95% for scrapped cars has pushed the recycling sector to ′dig even deeper′ into their waste in an effort to recover more materials, says the company′s ceo Mario Zoellig. ′The metals typically left behind in ASR are those which are most difficult to separate – those of a significant value with a high copper content,′ he adds.

And Zoellig continues: ′The machine is also needed because of growing demand within the automotive shredder residue sector for a high-capacity mill capable of producing unrivalled liberation and ball-shaping of metals alongside a machine which is rugged enough to withstand the rigours of ASR processing.′

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