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Andritz MeWa re-engineers proven machinery

Germany – Andritz MeWa of Germany is in the process of ‘fully re-engineering’ its first recycling machines, such as its flexible UG granulators which have been fitted with a pendulum-type compactor that is said to feed the material to the cutter much more efficiently and with less risk of faults, thus providing more uniform and higher throughput.

The UG series comprises the UG 600, UG 1000, UG 1600 and UG 2000 granulators and is built to size-reduce everything from e-scrap and oil filters to plastics and aluminium. The design is claimed to reduce wear as a result of less strain on the cutter and blades.

Some of the machines in the 1600 and 2000 size range have already been fitted with pendulum pushers over recent years. ′The results obtained in operation were highly satisfactory so now this technology is fitted as standard in all machine sizes,′ the company explains.

The product development team defined different technical features for specific applications for each machine size. Therefore, the machines are said to have the optimum configuration regardless of whether the customer wants to process scrap, rejects or plastic.

Other pre- and post-shredding equipment – such as the rotary shear, cutting mill and UNI-CUT QZ – are soon to be improved, the company adds.

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