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Aeiforos uses Sesotec sorter for metal recovery

Greece – Aeiforos SA of Thessaloniki in Greece has become one of the first companies in Europe to be able to prove compliance with recycling rates according to the end-of-life (ELV) ordinance in force since the beginning of last year.

To improve value-added from shredder residue, the Greek recycling company is using a Sesotec VARISORT M for the recovery of metals from the shredder light fraction. This is one of several VARISORT sorting units installed for ELV applications around the world by Sesotec in co-operation with Sicon. The sorters are used for all kinds of material upgrades including object-based wire separation and stainless steel separation.

The VARISORT M metal contamination separator is said to remove all kinds of metals from mixed materials both consistently and accurately.

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