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What’s the best type of floor for you?

Floor coating is suitable for different applications and is used in different sectors. A good coating system is available today for any workspace. The products made by Dutch firm & Company are known to be very thin; with coated flooring options being less than a millimeter thick. Thanks to specific properties of epoxy coating, the material is still unbelievably strong.

Epoxy is said to be ideal for floor coating as it offers hardness and is wear-resistant. Also, the load-bearing capacity is high while this kind of flooring provides chemical resistance. The floor is liquid-tight and, because of the lack of seams and joints, it is easy to clean. This results in a hygienic floor. Due to the fact that liquid and dirt have no chance to penetrate the floor, no fungi will develop.

A maintenance-free floor

Considering all these benefits, epoxy floor coating is considered to be a very durable floor. Considering it is damage resistant, and repels dirt, chemicals and fungi, the floor will be in good shape for about 15 – 20 years, if not longer. This makes an epoxy coated floor a very sustainable flooring option. Once you want to replace the existing flooring system, just add a new layer of epoxy coating. The environment will thank you.

Coating Vloer & Company can also offer beton cire. Did you know no concrete “beton cire” floor is the exactly same? This type of flooring is also scratch and wear resistant. The producer says the great thing about beton cire is that it gives every room a ‘modern and warm touch’.

Besides, this floor is also seamless, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and it doesn’t absorb any liquid. This makes it incredibly easy to clean the floor with only a vacuum cleaner and a mop. In addition, it boasts antibacterial properties, making it a practically maintenance-free floor. Concrete cire is available in many different colors and styles these days.

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