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Sustainable flooring: what’s possible right now?

More and more governments across Europe are providing funding to incentivise consumers to future-proof their homes. As yet, flooring is the easiest element for consumers to upgrade.

The Global Sustainability Index ranked the Netherlands in the top 20 most sustainable destinations to visit. Why so? The world’s 64st smallest country tops the list in terms of material reuse and waste management. Besides, the Netherlands ranks second in sustainable food systems, counts as a world leader in renewable energy while ‘eco-friendly’ solutions that make homes more sustainable are ever more popular.

At the moment, the most growth is in the flooring categories like vinyl, carpet, laminate, concrete and cast floors. The most sustainable flooring for houses is said to be concrete. This material is made from abundant natural resources, which also purify the air quality, reduce waste and even regulate indoor temperature.

Vinyl, carpet and laminate were formerly not sustainable. Today, those materials come in different variants, offering also sustainable and biodegradable options. Meanwhile, cast floors, are widely agreed to be the best option for homeowners looking for sustainable flooring.

This material is sustainable in terms of longevity and durability, as it lasts longer than the average flooring. Furthermore, the low maintenance material can be poured without creating unnecessary waste. The price for such a floor is attractive given that it lasts a lifetime. Not least, consumers can now opt for waxed concrete, which is made from biodegradable material.

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