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Tyres transformed into 100% recycled pallets

United States – CTC Plastics is partnering with fellow US company Lehigh Technologies to manufacture pallets from tyre rubber.

Lehigh is to provide the powder from discarded and unusable tyres while CTC will supply a special resin compound – Xpro Rubber Batch – which contains micronised rubber powder. Employing a 50/50 powder and polypropylene mix, the plastics specialist will manufacture pallets from 100% recycled material.

The partnership is a ‘€˜great recycling story’€™ as rubber tyres are probably one of North America’€™s worst pollutants, remarks CTC’€™s COO John Dennis. The pallets achieve a performance equal to ones created from virgin resources and are sold back to tyre as well as automotive businesses. Offering customers a closed-loop solution is a ‘€˜good way to get rid of such a violator’€™, Mr Dennis comments.

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