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Tyres going from ‘black pollutant’ to full-blown recycling success story?

Asia – Qingdao Doublestar is constructing a US$ 92 million rubber recycling plant in Runan County, Henan Province, China. The company says old tyres have become known as the ‘€˜black pollutant’€™ in China, with an estimated 15 million scrap tyres present in the country in 2016.

When fully operational, the state-of-the-art recycling facility will be able to process 200 000 tons of used rubber per year.

The new site will sort, rinse and dry tyre fragments, while also featuring pyrolysis and storage sections.

On the whole, Qingdao is aiming for a 100% recycling rate. The recycled fractions will serve to create various products such as oil, carbon black, steel wire, and gas. The latter will be used to fuel the plant.

Qingdao Doublestar says that the ‘industry 4.0 standard’ recycling project is comprised of two phases, with 100 000 tons of annual capacity for each. Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

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