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South Africa invests in tyre tech from Down Under

Australian tyre recycler Green Distillation Technologies has signed an agreement worth up to AU$ 50 million with Volco Power Ltd to establish five tyre recycling plants in South Africa.

The plan is to build the facilities in five of South Africa’s nine provinces depending on the volume of tyres available. The new plants will comprise of six processing modules and will process around 700 000 used tyres per year into 8 million litres of oil, 7700 tonnes of carbon black and 2000 tonnes of steel.

‘South Africa is a good market for tyre recycling as it generates more old tyres than all the other Southern African countries put together,’ says Wilson Machekanyanga, business development manager of Volco.

He estimates that end-of-life tyres total more than 300 000 tonnes a year. ‘Less than 20% are recycled, with 60 million kept at illegal storage sites, where they pose a fire hazard and a breeding ground for mosquitos,’ he adds.

Ready to expand

Green Distillation Technologies is ‘very pleased’ to take its innovative solution to another country, notes company coo Trevor Bayley. ‘We operate one plant at Warren in Western, New South Wales. It is strategically located as it is on the Oxley Highway, North West of Dubbo, which is the main truck transport route between Melbourne and Brisbane. Plus it is located on a rail link with trains transporting cotton, wheat and wool to the major cities – a backload of old tyres is welcome revenue.’

The plant occupies approximately 4 hectares of the 21 hectare site leaving plenty of space for expansion and other projects, synergistic industries and tyre storage within the limits imposed by NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Bayley adds: ‘We have also secured all the necessary Government approvals for a plant in Toowoomba, Queensland and are in the capital raising stage prior to commencing construction and have had enquiries to building plants in every state of Australia.’

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