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Multi-million tyre recycling boost for China

China / Canada – Blue Diamond Technologies and its affiliate ECO/BDT of Canada and Insigma Technologies of China have formed a joint venture to establish as many as 13 facilities for the production of reusable crumb rubber, clean steel and fibre from used vehicle tyres.

The joint venture boasts initial funding of US$ 8 million and exclusive rights to Blue Diamond Technologies’ patented process in China. The first facility – located at Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province – is scheduled to begin operations during the fourth quarter of 2012. Once this comes on stream, the joint venture partners anticipate the rapid setting-up of an additional 12 facilities in other industrial regions of the country. ECO/BDT will ‘turnkey’ all these projects in China where around 300 million scrap tyres are generated each year.

The Chinese government is supplementing the investment of the joint venture partners with public incentives.

Blue Diamond Technologies is providing the joint venture with a water-based process for the breaking down of used tyres into crumb rubber. The high-mesh, high-quality crumb will replace virgin materials presently required by Chinese companies producing rubber and polymer goods such as vehicle tyres, gaskets, car parts, consumer products and injection moulded items.

According Germany-based trading and consulting organisation Rubber Crumbs International, rising energy costs and increasing industrial demand led to an increase of 85% in the price of crumb rubber during 2011; this followed an increase of 92% during 2009/2010.

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